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We aim to make our website accessible to everyone and are continually working to improve its ease-of-use and the range and quality of our web services and content.

Key accessibility features include:

Javascript enables us to create small programs within web pages to add extra features such as pop-up windows or to check that a form has been completed in the correct way. As not all browsers support Javascript we have tried to ensure that wherever we use Javascript the same content and functions are available whether or not Javascript is enabled in your browser.

Navigating using headings

The site has been set up to use HTML headings where appropriate. The main site heading starts at level 1 and the main content starts at level 2. This provides an easy way for screen reader users to skip to the main content by pressing the shortcut key for headings. For example, JAWS screen reader users can press H or Shift + H to move to the next heading, 2 or Shift + 2 to move to the next level two heading and Insert + F6 to display a list of all headings on the page.

Navigating tables

In some places in the site, particularly where forms are presented, we have used tables for general layout. We also use tables for displaying out rows and columns of information also called data tables.

We have tried to ensure that the content will always read in a logical order. In some data tables it may be hard to understand the meaning of each item in which case you can use the table navigation keys in your screen reader to deliver the relevant headers for each item in the table. JAWS screen reader users can use the Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys to move around a table and JAWS screen reader will read out the headers for each cell. You can also press Ctrl + Alt + NumPad 5 to read the headers for the current cell.

Data tables have a summary that you can hear in your screen reader to help you understand their meaning without having to read the whole table. We've also ensured that you can easily find data tables using table navigation keys. JAWS screen reader users can press T or Shift + T to move between tables and have the summary read out.

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