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Kenya Airways, Pre-Inquest Press Release

07 March 2012

The inquest into the deaths of Anthony Mitchell and Stuart Claisse killed in the crash of a Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 on flight KQ507 on 5 May 2012 is to be held in the Cathedral Centre, Lincoln commencing on 7 March 2012.

Journalist Anthony Mitchell and Oil Executive Stuart Claisse were passengers on board the Kenya Airways aircraft. During the night of 4th - morning of the 5th May 2007, the aircraft with registration 5Y-KYA, was flying from Abidjan International Airport in Côte d'Ivoire to Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, via Douala International Airport, Cameroon. Shortly after departing Douala International Airport, the aircraft crashed in a mangrove swamp located south - south/east of Doula International Airport, killing all occupants of the aircraft instantly. In addition to Anthony and Stuart, 112 other occupants of the aircraft lost their lives.

Stewarts Law LLP, the leading aviation law firm in Europe, are representing the families of Stuart Claisse and Anthony Mitchell. The families and their legal team will be assisting the coroner in his inquiry into Stuart's and Anthony's death and, if there are any safety issues that arise over the next few days, they will be requesting that the coroner make any necessary and appropriate safety recommendations to help prevent future incidents.

James Healy-Pratt, Head of Aviation at Stewarts Law commented, "We will be working with the coroner over the next couple of days and have already provided him with our thoughts on what may have prevented the tragedy which needlessly cost 114 lives. We hope that the coroner will use his investigative powers and come to his own appropriate verdict on this disaster"

The families of Anthony Mitchell and Stuart Claisse have asked if their family's privacy can be maintained over the course of the coroner's inquiry as it will be distressing and upsetting for them.

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