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Spinal injury

The Clinical Negligence Department is thoroughly experienced in spinal cord injuries. Chambers.

We specialise in spinal injury medical negligence claims resulting from negligent medical treatment including sub-standard surgery, failure to diagnose medical conditions, for example cauda equina syndrome, failure to obtain informed consent and the provision of inadequate advice and information about a particular type of treatment or procedure.

We appreciate fully that the demands of those with spinal injuries are complex. Our lawyers handle smaller caseloads than the majority of clinical negligence lawyers which enables them to adopt a client focused and proactive approach.

In cases where liability is established, a claim for compensation can be made and substantial damages may be recovered. In cases where liability is unlikely to be contested, we are proactive and obtain interim payments for accommodation, the purchase of equipment and the setting up of care regimes. We employ independent living advisors, who are themselves spinal cord injured and are therefore able to help with advice on issues such as equipment, vehicles and holidays.

When the case is won, we will also advise on the setting up of trusts to protect means tested benefits and on the investment of damages through our links with specialist financial advisors.

It is essential in our view that every person who has suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of medical treatment should seek advice as to whether a claim for compensation can be made. Very often people fail to seek proper advice on the assumption that no claim for medical negligence exists. We are prepared to look at the details of any case and provide expert advice as to whether a claim for compensation can be brought.

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