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Vulnerable mental patient to receive compensation following a spinal cord injury

29 November 2011

In 2005, PFZ, a patient with a long history of unstable mental illness was able to leave the Lakeside Mental Health Unit where he was an informal patient and to go home in a suicidal state. Soon after arriving at his home PFZ fell from a balcony sustaining a permanent and catastrophic spinal cord injury.

PFZ brought a claim against the West London Mental Health NHS Trust for the negligent failure to provide him with adequate treatment at a time of mental crisis and where staff knew him to be suicidal.

Stewarts Law act in the claim on behalf of the claimant, PFZ. Liability was agreed with West London Mental Health NHS Trust last week and today that agreement was approved by the High Court.

The terms of the settlement guarantee PFZ compensation required to meet his care needs for the remainder of his life.

PFZ's solicitor, Hugh Johnson, said "In 2005 PFZ was a vulnerable mental patient, let down by those caring for him. The liability agreement will finally allow him to access funds vital to purchase care and equipment, such as an electric wheelchair."

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