In this episode of Soundbites, Emily Cox outlines the case for regulating big tech companies, and discusses what the UK and EU are doing to lead the charge in this area in a short webinar recording.

Emily looks at what is meant by the term ‘big tech’ and how the organisations that are labelled as such have grown exponentially over the past three decades to become global powers.

Emily discusses what is being done around the world to regulate big tech companies, but particularly focuses on the legislation brought in by the EU and UK in terms of the Digital Services and Markets Act and the Online Harms Bill.

Emily also looks at who and what the proposals target and the consequences of non-compliance with them.

She then discusses when the measures come into effect, and how effective they will be as currently proposed.

See the recording below:

‘Big Tech regulation: not if, but how

Stewarts’ white paper offers an in-depth examination of the worldwide regulation of Big Tech.

Click here to download a copy of ‘Big Tech Regulation: not if, but how’. 

Big tech regulation white paper

Click image to download white paper





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