The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has issued guidance to the UK government on how to “proactively shape the behaviour of the most powerful tech firms”. The newly created Digital Markets Taskforce suggests a code of conduct, yet to be confirmed, and also suggests “pro-competitive interventions”. Following the announcement, Emily Cox commented in Verdict, about the competition elements.

In the publication, Emily Cox, commented:

“The Digital Markets Taskforce’s advice to the government marks a big step forward in the regulation of Big Tech in the UK. The designation of certain companies as having Strategic Market Status, with individual rules to follow and the spectre of fines worth 10% of global revenue for abuses will do much to focus Silicon Valley minds. It should also ensure that the mistakes of the past, in allowing certain data-driven mergers by Big Tech, do not recur.”

“The challenge will be to ensure that the proposed tailored, flexible and collaborative approach to regulation does not come at the cost of legal certainty for – and ultimately good outcomes for – competitors and consumers.”

She added that the consultation process needs to happen “swiftly at the start of 2021” to avoid the risk of the UK falling behind regulators in Europe.


The full article in Verdict can be found here.



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