The India Promise is an initiative to address the under-representation of Indian arbitrators appointed to international arbitration tribunals across the world.

Though India is home to many highly skilled, experienced, capable and intelligent arbitrators, far too few of them have the opportunity to act as arbitrators on international arbitrations.

The goal of the India Promise is to encourage the consideration, appointment and fair representation for Indians to sit as arbitrators in any international arbitration, regardless of it having an Indian connection.

The idea of the India Promise was first outlined at the London Court of International Arbitration Symposium 2023 in Mumbai by Sherina Petit, Head of International Arbitration and India Practice at Stewarts.


Who can make the India Promise?

Any individual or organisation involved in international arbitration can commit to the India Promise. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Arbitrators
  • Counsel
  • Corporates
  • Arbitral institutions
  • Experts / consultants involved in arbitrations


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The India Promise

In recognition of the evolving landscape of arbitration in India and our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and social responsibility in dispute resolution, we as a group of counsel, arbitrators, representatives of corporations, states, arbitral institutions, academics and others involved in the practice of international arbitration are committed to improving the profile and representation of Indian arbitrators in any international arbitration, regardless of it having an Indian connection. To achieve this, we will take the steps reasonably available to us and we will encourage other participants in the arbitral process to do likewise – to ensure that, wherever possible:

  • committees, governing bodies and conference panels in the field of arbitration include a fair representation of Indians;
  • lists of potential arbitrators or tribunal chairs provided to or considered by parties, counsel, in-house counsel, arbitral institutions or otherwise include a fair representation of Indian candidates;
  • states, arbitral institutions and national committees include a fair representation of Indian candidates on rosters and lists of potential arbitrator appointees, where maintained by them;
  • where they have the power to do so, counsels, arbitrators, representatives of corporations, states and arbitral institutions appoint a fair representation of Indian arbitrators;
  • statistics for nominations and appointments (split by party and other appointment) of Indian arbitrators are collated by arbitral institutions and made publicly available;
  • senior and experienced arbitration practitioners support, mentor and encourage current and future Indian arbitration professionals to pursue arbitrator appointments and otherwise enhance their profiles and practice; and
  • foster cross-institutional collaborations between Indian arbitral institutions and foreign arbitral institutions to share knowledge, increase capacity, and bolster the standing of India’s international arbitration presence.

Acknowledging the underrepresentation of Indian arbitrators in international arbitrations we commit to the “India Promise”. This initiative aims to increase the number of Indian professionals serving as arbitrators with the goal of achieving fair representation in any international arbitration, regardless of it having an Indian connection, as soon as possible.

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