New ‘Football Agent Regulations’ introduced by FIFA came into force in January 2023. Along with a cap on agents’ fees, the new regulations create rules on representation contracts that establish a legal relationship to provide football agent services. Under the new rules, representation contracts must be made between the client (player, manager or club) and an individual agent rather than an agency.


What changes under the new football agent regulations?

Under the new rules, it will therefore, be easier for an individual agent to take clients with them if they leave the agency, as representation agreements will be made between the player/club and the agent (and not the agency).


What should agencies do under the new football agent regulations?

Agencies should ensure they are building in adequate protection in their contracts with agents to limit the potential for losing clients. These might include restrictions on the types of work agents can carry out for a specified time after leaving an agency or building in mechanisms for commission or fees to be paid by the agent to the agency for continued work with those clients. 


How Stewarts can help agencies representing footballers?

Stewarts can assist agencies by reviewing their agreements with agents and advising them on the changes they can make to ensure they are adequately protected in light of the new rules.

If you require assistance, please contact us or request a call from one of our lawyers.