In a recent article in the Commercial Litigation Journal, Stewarts’ Associate Martin Cox writes about how the Freedom of Information Act should not be considered the exclusive preserve of those working in the public sector. It should also be thought of as providing both opportunities and threats for those working in the private sector.

“Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), any individual or organisation anywhere in the world has the right to access any information held by public authorities in the UK, subject to certain specific exemptions.

“While it might, understandably, be assumed that the FOIA need only be of concern to those working in the public sector, such an assumption would be wrong. In fact, for anyone working in the private sector who has any dealings whatsoever with public authorities (or has competitors who do), the FOIA should be seen as both a threat and an opportunity.”

The full article covers:

  • why the FOIA should be seen as both a threat and an opportunity
  • making an FOIA request
  • contexts where the FOIA may be of particular relevance to private businesses
  • the increased use in litigation of FOIA requests
  • using the FOIA as a shield

Click here to read the full article.



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