On 4 November 2008, Ulrika Björkstam, was leaving work in Mexico City, when a Learjet 45 fell from the sky and crashed into the ground beside her. Ulrika was struck by the pressure wave and engulfed by a blazing fire ball causing second and third degree burns to 45% of her body and 90% of her face.

Stewarts’ Aviation team has represented Ulrika over the last 7 years obtaining compensation from multiple responsible parties in various different jurisdictions.

In an inspiring and articulate TED Talk, Ulrika vividly describes her experiences and the lessons that she has learnt from those experiences, and provides a compelling message to all of us, but especially to those that have suffered serious injury in an unexpected accident.

Introduction text to YouTube video:

“Imagine if an airplane would crash next to you on your way home and the explosion would destroy and burn almost half of your skin.

You would lose the face you had recognised as your own for 30 years, and you’d have to start living your life with a completely new identity.

Imagine if you had to go through painful treatments, skin transplants and surgeries in order to be you again, and to be able to live a life without being dependent on others’ care and assistance.

How would you get your life back together, piece by piece?

Ulrika Björkstam was working as an expat in Mexico City when she survived the plane crash that proved to be fatal to many others.

Later on, as Ulrika had overcome the physical and mental pain, she now understands how even the most devastating experiences may be turned to strength and seen as being an important part of your identity and your storyline.”

You can view the TedTalk in full below:



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