Amputees have many obstacles to overcome. For those who are newly injured, the loss of a limb is likely to cause significant disruption to many aspects of a person’s life and these challenges can be scary and overwhelming. Those who undergo amputation may experience grief, depression and anxiety following the traumatic event. Therefore, it is useful to know what support is available for amputees to access and know that they are not alone in the new challenges they may face.

Below we set out information and contact details for organisations that provide support, advice and practical help for amputees, their loved ones and carers.


Amputation Foundation

The Amputation Foundation is a charitable organisation that aims to provide new amputees with the best possible start following amputation.

The support offered by the Amputation Foundation includes benefit support, legal support, social support, inclusive sports and hobbies, education and re-training advice, and employment assistance. They can assist through education, advocacy, and general support.

The Amputation Foundation is the first point of call for amputees, families and friends of amputees, and hospital professionals to obtain immediate and impartial support from other amputees and support organisations. They are linked with support networks and groups around the UK to ensure every amputee has first-hand advice, information, and support that will be beneficial to living a life as an amputee.

The Amputation Foundation’s website can be accessed here and they can be contacted on 01744 808 850.



LimbPower supports amputees, individuals with limb difference and their families to bridge the gap between hospital rehabilitation and community and school engagement to rebuild lives and improve physical, mental, and social well-being. Their vision is to change lives through the power of physical activity, sport, and the arts.

LimbPower run the Annual LimbPower Games; this year the games take place on Saturday 8 July and Sunday 9 July 2023 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Aylesbury. This is the largest gathering of amputees and people with limb difference in England. It is an event designed to support amputees on their rehabilitation journey by introducing them to physical activity and sport in a safe, friendly, and social environment. The games are open to adults over the age of 18 with a limb impairment. More information can be found here:

LimbPower’s website can be accessed here; they can be contacted on 07502 276858 or by email at


Positive Bones

Positive Bones is a charity that aims to empower amputees and people with limb disabilities to live a life without limits. Their goal is to provide life changing encouragement to those who have sustained limb related injury, illness, or congenital limb disability. They provide access to, and funding for, specialist equipment, prosthesis or services which will enable amputees and people with limb disabilities to take part in new or existing hobbies and careers post-recovery.

Positive Bones hopes to connect those who have recovered with product designers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, prosthetists and others who can support them. They hope to create a network of volunteers who will encourage recovery, generate motivation and help facilities through hospital visits, fundraising activities and connecting patients with others in the community.

You can apply for funding from Positive Bones if you have a limb loss or limb difference and meet the following criteria:

  • You live in the UK or the Isle of Man,
  • You are looking for help to purchase an item of equipment, a service or prosthetic suitable to your limb difference and/or amputation,
  • You have not gained your limb difference through working for the armed service.

You can also access support through Positive Bones’ resources, advice, and community sections of their website.

Positive Bones’ website can be accessed here and they can be contacted by email at


Steel Bones

Steel Bones supports amputee families to live life to the full, overcoming the trauma of amputation. They are a proactive and supportive peer community, passionate about addressing the stigma that amputees face in wider society. Steel Bones works to encourage greater social inclusivity by providing engaging awareness workshops for primary schools, and publishing children’s books featuring amputee families in settings familiar to readers of all ages.

You can register to receive a free support pack from Steel Bones. Their website can be accessed here and they can be contacted on 01223 734000 or by email at


STEPS Rehabilitation in partnership with STEPS Prosthetics

STEPS Rehabilitation opened in May 2017. They deliver intensive and ongoing rehabilitation for people recovering from amputations, and are the only clinic in the UK to offer a residential amputee rehabilitation service all under one roof.

The service is delivered in partnership with STEPS Prosthetics, who deliver bespoke and orthotic solutions following serious injury. Clients benefit from swift provision of their prosthetic or orthotic device whilst receiving daily therapy sessions to maximise their mobility, independence, and general well-being.

STEPS Rehabilitation’s website can be accessed here and they can be contacted on 0114 258 7769. STEPS Prosthetics’ website can be accessed here and they can be contacted on 0114 4000 232 or by email at


The Limbless Association

The Limbless Association is a national charity that supports lives beyond limb loss, as no amputee should have to cope alone. They believe in a world where amputees of all ages are not disadvantaged by their disability and are able to achieve rehabilitation and independence in hospital, home, education, employment, and the community. The Limbless Association supports and empowers all amputees to lead independent and fulfilled lives.

The Limbless Association offers support via volunteer visitors, support and connect hubs, and legal advice. They also have a resources library on their website and an amputee resource pack.

The Limbless Association’s website can be accessed here and they can be contacted on 0800 644 0185.

Paralegal Bethan Jenkins contributed to this article.



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