Joe Lappin has been quoted in the Telegraph on 4 February 2020 following the news that Citigroup has suspended a trader for allegedly stealing from the office canteen.

Despite being one of Citigroup’s most senior traders in Europe, Paras Shah has been suspended. It is understood that Mr Shah is accused of having stolen food on multiple occasions.

Joe Lappin is quoted in the article as saying employers are “entitled to treat theft from the staff canteen as gross misconduct worthy of summary dismissal”.

Joe also commented:

“Whilst stealing from the staff canteen may not immediately appear to be the most serious of misdemeanours, it would call into question his integrity. Citigroup is entitled to expect the highest standards of honesty from all its employees, particularly its traders.”

The article says that there is a wider trend in the City and within the financial sector to crack down on bad behaviour, and gives multiple examples.

To read the full article in the Telegraph, please click here (subscription required).



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