Kenny Henderson has authored three chapters of the most recent edition of the Butterworths Competition Law Service guide.

Kenny authored the three chapters on competition litigation, covering general principles, substantive law and remedies, and procedural issues.

This year’s guide includes updates to case law following important decisions on territoriality, applicable law and jurisdiction. It also covers the recent developments on the UK’s nascent competition class action regime.

Kenny commented on his contribution to the guide:

“The past year has seen important developments in competition litigation, with the Deutsche Bahn ruling on applicable law and the Vattenfall ruling on jurisdiction. We have also seen further development of the nascent class action regime, with the ruling in Merricks. These rulings, plus more, are covered in the guide in a manner intended to be easily accessible for the busy practitioner.”

Butterworths Competition Law Service provides an in-depth commentary and analysis of competition case law and legislation in the EU and UK. It is updated five times a year and revised to incorporate the wide changes resulting from the Enterprise Act 2002 and the modernisation of competition law. Each of the narrative divisions provides in-depth commentary and analysis of the case law and legislation in both the EU and UK, plus an invaluable collection of primary and secondary legislation. It is widely relied on by practitioners.

The text is available either online or in print form. Further information is available from LexisNexis here.



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