The Aviation team recently assisted in returning a bracelet to the parents of a young woman, AB, who was fatally injured in a helicopter accident in February 2018. The situation was proof that small ways of helping people who have been through a tragedy can make a big difference.

At the time of the crash, AB was wearing a Tiffany bracelet. Both her sister and mother had matching bracelets, and AB’s bracelet was of huge sentimental value to the family. During the fire that engulfed the helicopter following impact, the bracelet became fused to the melted helicopter components surrounding AB. Her parents became aware that the bracelet had been identified through the accident investigation and asked for our assistance in its return.

After making enquiries with the National Transportation Safety Board in the U.S., the Air Accidents Investigation Branch in the UK and the legal representatives of the helicopter’s insurers, the bracelet was couriered to us. Although fused to a large chunk of debris from the melted helicopter components, the bracelet was in reasonable condition. We asked a jeweller in Hatton Garden about removing the bracelet from the debris and subsequent repair. The jeweller initially quoted several hundreds of pounds for the work, but after our client explained the background, they carried out the work without charge.


Our client said:

“[We] cannot thank Stewarts enough for the support you have all given. We feel you have gone over and beyond to help us, it’s been very emotional and painful for us, and we just want to put it right and have it here where it belongs.”

“Max from AR Ullmann jewellers has been incredible. He has shown compassion and kindness throughout, and his team have done an incredible job at removing and restoring our beautiful daughter’s bracelet for us. We received it today and, after a very emotional beginning, have placed it back where it belongs, so thank you for taking it to them, your choice couldn’t have been any better.”


Partner Sarah Stewart says:

“When dealing with catastrophic aviation accidents it can be easy to lose sight of the seemingly small things which can in fact make all the difference to a bereaved family. This request for our assistance came after the legal processes had ended, but we were happy to do everything we could for the family as we knew how much this meant to them.”



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