Our Aviation team has been retained directly by passengers from multiple jurisdictions, including England, to pursue Singapore Airlines for compensation following the turbulence incident on 21 May 2024.

We have established a network of specialist co-counsel in key jurisdictions including Singapore and the US to support our clients.

Singapore Airlines is offering passengers of Flight SQ321 US$10,000 compensation for “minor” injuries resulting from the extreme inflight turbulence. In exchange, passengers will be required to sign a document that will almost certainly preclude them from bringing a claim.

We question the appropriateness of the airline making an offer to give up any future claims without passengers being able to take legal or medical advice to determine the severity, effect and prognosis of their injuries, and critically whether Singapore Airlines are seeking to settle claims too cheaply.

The airline is also offering advance payments to passengers with “serious” injuries. We are advising our clients not to sign this document, and encourage passengers not yet represented to speak to specialist aviation lawyers before signing any document.

Many passengers will be better off having their in-flight turbulence accident claims fully considered, appropriate medical expert reports obtained and a calculation of their financial losses put to Singapore Airlines. For those with truly life-changing injuries, this will likely run into the millions.

If you were a passenger of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 and would like to join our group or discuss any document you have been asked to sign, please contact our Aviation team partners Sarah Stewart (sstewart@stewartslaw.com) and Peter Neenan (pneenan@stewartslaw.com).



If you have been injured while a passenger on a plane, please contact our team aviation@stewartslaw.com.



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