Stewarts has dedicated itself to employee wellbeing and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We have a range of resources available to help tackle the mental health treatment gap and support our colleagues. 

Each year, 10 October marks World Mental Health Day. The theme of this year’s event was to highlight that access to mental health services remains unequal, with 75% to 95% of people with mental disorders in low- and middle-income countries unable to access mental health services at all. Access in high income countries is not much better.

Lack of investment in mental health within overall health budgets contributes to the ‘mental health treatment gap’. This refers to the difference that exists between the number of people who need care and those who receive it.


Initiatives at Stewarts

The firm has recently launched a Health and Wellbeing Strategy, supporting our colleagues with their mental health, financial health and physical health. This is supported by our new Health and Wellbeing Hub, which provides easy to access information for staff on Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offerings paid for by the firm. The Hub also includes a 24/7 service with expert telephone and online advice as well as specialist counselling and support (such as face to face counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Stewarts also provides lawyers and staff with access to the ‘Aviva Digicare+ Workplace’ app, which offers an annual health check, digital GP appointments, and quick access to tailored mental health advice through a qualified therapist.

A number of our team are qualified as Mental Health First Aiders, who act as a point of contact for anyone in the firm that feels like they need support. Mental Health First Aiders are available and on hand to spot the signs and symptoms in employees that may be struggling. We are not just relying on individuals to come forward to state they feel stressed. Instead, colleagues are looking out for each other, talking to one another and encouraging more effective ways to deal with stress and mental health issues.

Later in October, Stewarts will welcome Charlene Gisele to give a talk on ‘Burnout prevention, single focus and habit optimisation’. Charlene is an ex-litigator who has dedicated her time and efforts to corporate wellness and combine her previous life in corporate law with her passion for health and wellbeing.

Our aim at Stewarts is to foster a culture where people can talk about their mental health and seek help where needed.

This article is written by Personal Injury Associate Hayley Symington


More information about World Mental Health Day

If you want to find out more about World Mental Health Day here are some resources:

  • Mental Health Foundation – How to support mental health at work? Download the PDF here.
  • Mind – the UK’s pre-eminent mental health charity.
  • Time to change – a social movement working to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems.
  • World Health Organisation
  • Mental Health UK– provides support and services for some of the biggest societal challenges that pose a threat to people’s mental health, including money problems, loneliness and isolation in young people.
  • Scope –  a charity which exists to create a fair and equal society for disabled people.


You can also find more articles on the subject of mental health at the bottom of this article.



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