Our Aviation team is advising and assisting passengers who were evacuated from a Boeing 757-300, operated by Thomas Cook as Flight MT-519, at Hurghada Airport in Egypt after crew reported smelling burning and smoke was spotted in the cabin just before take-off.

Our international Aviation team has commenced an investigation into this incident, drawing upon its extensive experience in previous airline incidents involving emergency evacuations during take-off and landing. This includes representing passengers and crew from British Airways Flight 38 at Heathrow in 2008, Lot Flight 16 at Warsaw in 2011, British Airways Flight 7762 at Las Vegas in 2015 and Emirates Flight EK521 at Dubai in 2016.

James Healy-Pratt, Head of Aviation, and regarded as the leading claimant aviation lawyer in the UK commented:

“Emergency evacuation cases present complex legal and technical challenges. Thomas Cook did a superb and professional job of evacuating the aircraft without any serious physical injuries to passengers or crew.

However, our experience of helping many passengers in aviation evacuation incidents worldwide is that psychological injuries are common-place and often under-estimated by many.

These types of accidents can frequently be seconds away from a very different and more deadly conclusion.”

Those affected by Thomas Cook Flight MT-519 can contact Sarah Stewart or Peter Neenan in confidence for further information and for details of how we can assist and offer our support.



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