Joseph Lappin speaks to Lexis Nexis on the Resolution Foundation’s recommendation of new policies to “tackle imbalance and unfairness” in employment.

The article looks at Resolution Foundation’s recent call for a new approach in tackling what it calls “the fundamental flaws” in the labour market. In its report titled ‘The kids aren’t alright –A new approach to tackle the challenges faced by young people in the UK labour market’, the think tank highlights the barriers young people face in employment. It urges the government and employment sector to ensure that progression and worker development is “not an afterthought”, particularly in light of Brexit.

Recommended measures in its “better jobs deal” include:

  • Enhanced security – extended statutory maternity, paternity and shared parental pay to the self-employed, and protection for workers refusing non-guaranteed hours
  • Improved workplaces – improved transparency, representation and sectoral deals for low-paying sectors
  • Greater opportunity – financial incentives to search for jobs outside local areas and support for young workers to progress in low-paying sectors.

In the article, Joseph Lappin notes that zero-hours contracts have been described as “an abuse of power by big companies”, because of the lack of employment protections on offer.

“Someone on a zero-hours contract rarely has any guarantee of work and during those periods when there is no requirement to work, they are not paid,” he says. “Although this type of arrangement suits some, particularly university students, for a large number, the result is job insecurity.”

Joseph also questions whether these changes will be implemented soon:

“Many businesses will oppose the recommendations, especially in the current climate of low productivity levels and stagnant economic growth.

“With the government handicapped by its focus on securing a Brexit deal with the EU, we do not think that the measures proposed by Resolution will be implemented any time soon.”

This article first appeared on the Lexis Nexis website. To view the full article, click here (subscription required).



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