Joseph Lappin speaks to Lexis Nexis about potential future changes to employer practices regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

In the article, Joseph suggests several steps that an employer should take to mitigate the risk of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace. These include:

  • implementing equality and diversity policies which address the issue of sexual harassment;
  • providing diversity and equality training to senior managers so that they can react quickly if confronted with allegations of sexual harassment by team members;
  • making it easy to report sexual harassment confidentially and investigating allegations quickly and robustly, regardless of the seniority of those involved;
  • taking steps to protect those employees who believe they have been harassed at work and providing them with internal and external support networks; and
  • conducting disciplinary investigations and taking steps to discipline any members of staff found to have committed acts of harassment, including dismissal where appropriate.

This article first appeared on the Lexis Nexis website. To view the full article, click here  (subscription required).



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