Lydia Buckingham, Senior Marketing Executive, Stewarts

Lydia is responsible for the firm’s PR and communications. She joined the firm in 2013 as Marketing Administrator before being promoted to Marketing Executive with a focus on events. She started her current role in June 2016.

Lydia says:

“Stewarts is a very dynamic firm to work for, and my day to day role reflects that. I could be dealing with the media regarding a large commercial case one day, helping our events team at a networking event the next, and editing client case study films the following week.

The marketing team is quite small compared to other firms of comparable size, which means we all have to get involved with a broader range of activities to support each other and get the job done.

Stewarts has cultivated a very hard-working culture, but also a friendly and supportive one.

The firm is very supportive of career progression, with many people changing roles or departments regularly. For me, this has meant supporting my desire to complete professional qualifications outside of working hours, and allowing me to change roles within the team as the opportunity has arisen.”


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