Directors owe significant duties to the companies over which they are appointed, and understanding the scope and extent of those duties is often a complex matter.

Our directors’ duties and misfeasance expertise

We act on behalf of insolvency office-holders against directors who have breached their duties and/or committed fraud in office to hold them to account, and to bring misappropriated money or other assets back into the insolvency estate.

The claims frequently have an international dimension both in terms of target location, enforcement and asset recovery.

We also act on behalf of senior directors and other company officers facing misfeasance, wrongful trading or fraud allegations made by insolvency office-holders, or disqualification proceedings brought by the Secretary of State.

Meet the Insolvency and Asset Recovery team

Our lawyers frequently coordinate claims in multiple jurisdictions. We are experts in obtaining recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings in the UK and UK insolvency proceedings overseas.

Our team has unrivalled experience in putting together innovative costs arrangements.

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