Disputes arising from corporate and personal insolvencies are often complex, and involve detailed legal and financial analysis.

We act for UK office-holders seeking overseas recognition, enforcement and recovery of assets, and for creditors where formal insolvency processes are required to be challenged.


Our insolvency disputes expertise

We investigate, plan and litigate the full array of actions prescribed in the UK’s insolvency and company legislation including undervalue transactions, preferences, fraudulent/wrongful trading, transactions defrauding creditors, illegal reductions in capital and connected director/company loan or asset dealings.

We handle international mandates for claims litigated in other jurisdictions, and obtain recognition of proceedings under the English legislation to deploy the UK’s robust investigatory powers afforded to office-holders.

We provide international counsel services hand in glove with our trusted associates in the relevant jurisdiction under our supervision.

We act on larger bankruptcies often with an international dimension both in terms of litigation targets and asset recoveries.

We secure assets at risk of dissipation before litigation whether located domestically or overseas.

Meet the Insolvency and Asset Recovery team

Our lawyers frequently coordinate claims in multiple jurisdictions. We are experts in obtaining recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings in the UK and UK insolvency proceedings overseas.

Our team has unrivalled experience in putting together innovative costs arrangements.

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