Warren Maxwell and Nichola Fosler hosted a series of three webinars between 13 and 15 April 2021 for case managers and rehabilitation professionals.

This was the third in a series of four sessions covering the relationship between rehabilitation and the law. The first covered common issues for consideration in the early stages of a catastrophic injury claim, developments in pain management, equipment and psychosexual issues following spinal cord injury. The second focussed on the role of the lay witness in the litigation and also featured the Re-Walk exoskeleton and a presentation of CQC registration for case managers.


13 April

The role of an expert

Eliot Woolf QC’s presentation covered the role of the expert. It included guidance on the rules and duties of an expert, examples of where experts have gone wrong, judicial sanctions against experts, covert recording of expert assessments and some helpful practice points on report writing and the preparation of joint statements.


Urological problems following spinal cord injury

Julian Shah gave an excellent presentation on urological problems and their treatment following spinal cord injury, covering neuropathic bladder dysfunction and its treatment. During his talk, Julian emphasised the importance of appropriate treatment for bladder hyperreflexia, providing an efficient and acceptable means of bladder emptying and mandatory long-term follow up to ensure safe long-term management of the spinal cord injured patient.


14 April

Common issues found in care claims

An informative and insightful panel discussion on topical issues in care claims. The panel consisted of Abbie Udall, occupational therapist and case manager of Abbie Udall Associates, Gerard McDermott QC, Outer Temple Chambers, and Fiona Johnson, care expert at Fiona Johnson Ltd. Each panel member provided insights from their experience of working with and advising catastrophically injured claimants.


Palizban v Protech (UK) Limited – what it means to case managers and record-keeping

A superb presentation from Nickie Maple-Pearson, associate solicitor in our personal injury department, about the decision in Palizban v Protech (UK) Limited. Nickie explained how this decision impacts case managers and emphasises the importance of good record-keeping by case managers.


15 April

The impact of GDPR in case management

Florence Maxwell, senior associate at Clarion, on the thorny issue of GDPR and its impact on case management. The presentation covered the key principles relating to GDPR, privacy policies, practical steps for data security, subject access requests and breaches.


Impaired sight after traumatic brain injury

An interesting and informative presentation from Dr David Todd of Reconnect Psychology, a clinical psychologist specialising in neuropsychology. David spoke about the challenges of traumatic brain injury and impaired insight. This included his top ten tips for addressing impaired insight after a traumatic brain injury.


Swift v Carpenter

This session concluded with a brief update on the impact of the Court of Appeal decision in Swift v Carpenter on accommodation claims by Nichola Fosler, a partner in our personal injury department.


The recording

If you were unable to join us for the live webinar, you can access the recording here.

The webinar is free to view but standard registration details are required.




Future Case Managers’ training event

We hope to arrange the final event in this series later this year and plan to include the following topics:

  • Pre-settlement issues
  • A mock trial
  • Working with deputies
  • The role of the wealth manager

Please contact Nichola Fosler if you would like us to cover any specific topics in future webinars.



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