The Stewarts Foundation is pleased to formally announce that Mia Mulligan is the latest recipient of the Daniel Turnbull Scholarship. Mia is currently studying the LPC and a Master of Laws postgraduate degree (LLM) at University of Law.

The scholarship was first announced in 2019, and is awarded on each occasion to an individual who is disabled, as defined under the Equality Act 2010, to complete the LPC at any of the University of Law’s campuses.

Mia Mulligan is the 2023 recipient of the scholarship, and is completing her studies after having received first-class honours in her LLB (Hons) Law degree from the University Centre at Truro & Penwith College.


Mia’s story

I discovered the importance of accessing specialist legal services and advice first-hand when, aged 19, I became a young parent carer to a severely disabled child. I was immediately forced to navigate the complex and seemingly outdated legal system that surrounds children and young adults with special educational needs.

Six years on, I now help families facing similar challenges to understand their rights, consider routes of appeals and access much-needed services. I also volunteer on the board of Friends of Doubletrees, a charity raising funds for our local specialist setting to subsidise costs of equipment, therapy, and activities to ensure equal opportunities for learners aged between two and 19 with complex and multiple needs.

My decision to pursue a career as a solicitor came while I was a legal secretary at a law firm in Truro, Cornwall. Working in the family department, I was in awe of their expertise and determination and knew this path was right for me. When it came to my studies, the focus of my dissertation was the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and the impact of its rules in comparison to early statistics presented by the then-new ‘no-fault’ divorce system.

During my undergraduate studies, I worked tirelessly to earn a first-class honours degree with a principal’s commendation for outstanding academic work. Despite my complex home life, I was the only student in my cohort to gain a first-class LLB. This achievement was not without its challenges as I had to carefully balance my full-time responsibilities of caring for a severely disabled child and a neurotypical developing toddler with my own health issues.

I have ‘triple major’ scoliosis and am due to undergo reconstructive spine surgery in a matter of weeks. This surgery involves the strategic placement of metal rods and screws into my spine to correct the curvature and prevent further rapid progression. Without this surgery, my curve will continue to worsen, causing my mobility to deteriorate and prompting further issues with internal organ function. I am keen to undergo and recover from this surgery to ensure I can continue to care for my family and build my legal career.

I am incredibly grateful to have been awarded the Daniel Turnbull Scholarship. Not only has the award relieved financial pressure, but it has allowed me the flexibility to focus on recovery and juggle my caring commitments without the worry of having to immediately secure a training contract.

Without this scholarship, I would have been unable to study the LPC LLM and follow my dreams, and so I want to extend a huge thank you to The Stewarts Foundation for this life-changing opportunity.


The Daniel Turnbull Memorial Scholarship

The Stewarts Foundation runs a regular scholarship with The University of Law in memory of the firm’s partner Danny Turnbull, who died in 2017.

Danny joined Stewarts as a paralegal in 2000, going on to qualify as a lawyer and then join the partnership in 2010 before his passing in 2017. He was a trustee for the Back Up Trust, a spinal cord injury charity that Stewarts has supported for many years. In November 2017, Danny posthumously received the David Norman Cup for an Inspirational Person with a spinal cord injury.

To find out more and to apply please read the University of Law’s list of Postgraduate Scholarships & Bursaries.



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