Emma Hatley speaks to The Sunday Times about the best way for divorcing couples to reduce their teens’ anxiety.

In an article by Lorraine Candy, luxury content director at The Sunday Times and parenting columnist, Emma comments:

“Don’t make the mistake of using teens as confidantes. A torrent of emotions is a normal reaction to divorce, but the key for parents is to recognise how their teens are feeling and encourage a healthy way of dealing with that.”

Communication, and doing things together as parents is vital. Emma comments:

“They need to know they can ask questions. Listen to them without trying to change or influence their feelings”

Emma also advises to focus the conversation around how you all will live.

“Let them know the situation is not their fault, nor can they change what has happened. Place their needs at the forefront of practical decisions. Reassure them you will both be part of their activities. They want to know how life will be different, so address their concerns early.”


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