A driver who left three pedestrians seriously injured on the side of the road in a hit-and-run has been sentenced to four years in prison and a 12-year driving ban at Reading Crown Court.

Two Oxfordshire-based couples had been for a meal at the French Horn in Sonning when Mr Adam Garrett lost control of his vehicle and crossed the road onto the pavement, colliding with three of the pedestrians and leaving them severely injured at the scene. Following an investigation by Thames Valley Police, the driver pleaded guilty to three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving in addition to one count each of:

  • dangerous driving
  • careless driving
  • driving whilst using a mobile phone
  • failing to stop following a road traffic collision
  • failing to nominate a driver
  • driving with alcohol concentration above prescribed limit

All three pedestrians sustained life changing injuries with the most severely injured, Mrs Cristina Di Carlo, having to remain in the care of John Radcliffe Hospital for over eight months.

Clare Salmon, Partner at Stewarts, is representing all three pedestrians in their personal injury claim for compensation. She comments:

“Nothing will change the events of that awful night, but the families welcome yesterday’s sentence. It will allow them to move on from this horrific incident and instead focus on attempting to rebuild their lives.

“The devastating effects of that night have caused considerable trauma to all the families and shows the impact one driver’s reckless and dangerous behaviour can cause. Those injured will fortunately have access to compensation funds to assist with their ongoing rehabilitation and their future needs arising as a result of what happened. My clients’ real wish is for no other families to ever have to go through what they have been through.”

Chris Redfern was injured alongside his wife Cristina Di Carlo. He commented:

“The last eleven months have been a living nightmare for my whole family, with so many distressing and upsetting events. My wife had to spend over eight months in hospital and now faces a long rehab journey ahead of her. It has been extremely distressing to see the pain and despair caused to all my family  Whilst I cannot recall much of the collision, it has had a massive impact on all of us including our two teenage children, and I have no doubt it has altered our lives forever.

“I often wish I hadn’t gone out for dinner that evening. The inconsiderate and dangerous ‘hit and run’ actions of a drunken driver have caused unfathomable pain, injury and psychological damage in so many ways and to so many lives that cannot be undone.”

Jeremy Rowson, Chris’ friend and neighbour who was injured in the incident commented:

“I sustained significant orthopaedic injuries resulting in multiple surgical operations over several months, which are still ongoing. The irresponsible driving of this man affected our whole family, and we hope that the sentence given yesterday will reflect the severity of his actions. He should reflect on the damage he has caused and the impact his reckless behaviour has had on our lives”.



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