A panel on ‘Innovation in Law & Leeds’ was chaired by Stewarts Legal Director Tom Matusiak. Tom is also a Director of Leeds Law Society, which organised the Leeds Conference with Leeds City Council. Tom reports:

“In addition to being the UK centre of excellence for legal services outside London, Leeds also has a booming digital technology sector. When combined with the university talent pool and with creativity being (as we heard) ‘in the DNA’ of Leeds, it is no surprise that Leeds is emerging as a leading city for legal innovation and technology.

“It was a privilege to chair a panel of such inspirational leaders. Amongst other innovation emerging from Leeds, delegates heard how Leeds is ‘the centre of the document automation universe’. The conversation was wider-ranging than just technology. We also discussed innovation in terms of legal design and improvement of client experience, change of lawyer mindset, collaboration, creative environments, overcoming blocks to innovation, and the types of skills and training required in the rapidly-changing legal service industry.”



The panellists were:

  • Lucy Dillon, Chief Knowledge Officer, Reed Smith
  • Chris Fowler, GC, BT Technology and Transformation
  • Gary Gallen, CEO and Founder, rradar
  • Alistair Maiden, CEO and Founder, Syke


Tom Matusiak, Alistair Maiden, Chris Fowler, Lucy Dillon and Gary Gallen. © Sam Toolsie 2019


Other presentations included: economic development and Leeds’ inclusive growth strategy, the thriving cultural sector in the city and preparations for Leeds 2023, and Channel 4’s move to Leeds. Further photos from the event can be seen here.



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