The LimbPower Games is an annual event open to adults who have acquired amputation, acquired limb impairment, congenital limb absence and limb difference. The aim of the games is to introduce participants to a variety of sporting activities to improve fitness, health, and wellbeing.

In this Paralympic year it was also fitting that the event took place during Limb Loss Awareness Month. The event took place on Saturday 13 April 2024 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Aylesbury.

Nichola Fosler, Jodee Mayer, Shannon Maude, Huseyin Kahyalar and Lizzie Dunn supported the event on behalf of Stewarts.

The games enable participants of all fitness levels to try a range of sporting activities in a friendly and supportive environment, to meet like-minded people, learn new skills, share ideas, develop increased confidence, and improve their physical and psychological wellbeing. The games demonstrate the importance of regularly participating in physical activity and sport as it improves an individual’s quality of life and aids their lifelong rehabilitation.

During the day, the participants were given the opportunity to take part and try a wide selection of indoor and outdoor sporting activities including archery, wheelchair basketball, tennis, seated volleyball, cycling, swimming, power lifting, paracise, rowing, paracanoeing, badminton, athletics, shooting and Nordic walking.

Staff from LimbPower, as well as volunteers and sponsors who attended over the weekend were all encouraged to participate. Several members of Stewarts took the opportunity to try some of the sports.

The National Paralympic Heritage Trust also attended the 2024 games to provide information on the history of the Paralympics. They also brought memorabilia from previous games to show attendees.

The 2024 LimbPower Games were a great success and Stewarts looks forward to continuing supporting this event in the future.


About LimbPower

LimbPower is a national charity launched in 2009 to provide sporting opportunities and art-based activities for people with amputations.

For those who are newly injured, the loss of a limb is likely to cause significant disruption to many aspects of their life, and these challenges can be overwhelming. There is support available for amputees to access and know that they are not alone in the new challenges they may face. LimbPower supports amputees, individuals with limb difference and their families to bridge the gap between hospital rehabilitation and community and school engagement, to rebuild lives and improve physical, mental, and social well-being. Their vision is to change lives through the power of physical activity, sport, and the arts.

Participation in sport among people with a disability is increasing, but there is still an imbalance between participation among disabled and non-disabled people. Statistics show that 18.5% of disabled people currently play sport on a weekly basis compared to 39.2% of non-disabled people: only 17.9% of people with a physical impairment participate in sport on a weekly basis.

The charity has some excellent resources from exercise videos to information sheets and a number of participation events. LimbPower also runs the Junior Games for those under the age of 18, due to take place this year on 6 July at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

For more information on LimbPower please visit the charity’s website.



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