Road traffic accident victim becomes first British recipient of damages to pay for a REX Bionics exoskeleton, an innovative patented medical device which enables those with paralysis to walk using an independently controlled robotic walking device.

LONDON, 11 August, 2015 — Ben Barnes, who suffered paralysis in a Road Traffic Accident, has settled his case at the High Court in the United Kingdom, with part of his damages award comprising £550,000 for orthotics to include his claim for the cost of a REX robotic walking device for home rehabilitation, its replacements and associated costs.

Ben Barnes was represented by Ben Rogers, Partner at Stewarts, the UK’s largest litigation only law firm that specializes in international high value and complex disputes. Ben Rogers commented, “This is a landmark award of damages which means that Ben Barnes can purchase his own REX exoskeleton to use at home”.

Ben Barnes commented, “Since my car crash in 2011 I have been in a wheelchair. I am delighted that the REX exoskeleton is included as part of my settlement. Having been told I would never walk again, you can understand my excitement when I first heard about REX and the freedom it provides for people like me with paralysis. The initial feeling of being upright and at eye level is priceless, not to mention the health benefits. This truly is a life changing piece of technology.”

Ben Barnes said “the REX will enable me to pursue my hobby of car mechanics and creating special artwork effects on the bodywork of cars”.

Crispin Simon, Chief Executive Officer of REX Bionics, said: “We envisage there is scope for this settlement to set a precedent which could enable other people with spinal cord injuries and other forms of disability to use legal settlements to purchase a REX. Stewarts have driven this process with expertise and sensitivity and it has been great to work with them through this process.”

REX is the world’s first hands-free, self-supporting, independently-controlled robotic walking device. The device does not require crutches or a walking frame to provide stability, leaving the hands free and can be used by people with a complete spinal cord injury who are paralysed from the waist downwards. REX is 100% self-supporting, designed to be inherently stable and supportive of the shoulders.



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