Francesca Carrington-Hughes, Trainee SolicitorFrancesca is a trainee solicitor. She joined Stewarts as a paralegal in the Divorce and Family department in February 2014 after studying law at the University of Kent. She became a trainee in 2016.

Francesca was featured in an article in The Times ‘Jump from paralegal to partner’ regarding her experience moving from paralegal to trainee solicitor, she says:

“I was entrusted with a lot of legal, chargeable work, making the transition to a trainee seamless. My time as a paralegal meant that I already knew how to use the firm’s systems and software and was aware of the high expectations of me.

“Obviously the route I went through has taken me longer than others, but I feel that the experiences and skills I developed as a paralegal are going to make me a better, more skilled and more confident trainee. In turn this will enable a smooth transition to a newly qualified solicitor.”


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