Amputations to the upper limbs are typically less common and often more complex than those to the lower limbs and it is therefore unsurprising that the technology to replace and restore function in the upper limbs has been slower to develop.

However, over the last decade, there have been significant advancements in this area which have led to a range of bionic and microprocessor-controlled componentry to restore function and improve independence for those living with upper limb amputations.

In this episode of Soundbites, Colette Shaw of STEPS Prosthetics discusses the technology currently available including powered elbows, wrists and multi-grip hands as well as pattern recognition control systems. Colette also considers some of the differences in NHS and private provision of prosthetics and will discuss some exciting evolving technologies in upper limb rehabilitation.

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Speaker Bio

Colette Shaw is the founder and a prosthetist at STEP Prosthetics. She has over 20 years’ experience in the prosthetics industry, including a decade of clinical experience in NHS clinics in Leeds and Sheffield, as well as five years spent treating clients privately at Sheffield’s Blatchford Clinic.

With Blatchford and Steeper Group, Colette spent many years working in prosthetic product development and marketing, and there worked with world-leading products including the bebionic multi-articulating powered hand.

She also accepts instructions for expert witness reports, for both claimant and defendant, and has completed the Bond Solon Excellence in Report Writing training.



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