Stuart Dench says:

John formally stepped down as managing partner on 31 July 2022, following 22 years in the role. John is regarded as the architect of Stewarts. When John became managing partner, we had revenue of approximately £3m and a handful of partners. In financial year 21/22, revenue exceeded £100m for the first time.

John is an excellent strategist, and choosing to focus on developing a litigation-only law firm was arguably his most important decision. John has been equally focused on execution, demanding and driving outstanding performance.

Throughout the years, John has displayed an extraordinary capacity for kindness. Our partners and staff have inevitably run into life’s challenges, and I can think of numerous examples where he has gone above and beyond in response.

John has gone well beyond what could be expected of a managing partner, showing kindness and unreserved support in times of trouble. It is that kindness which sits quietly beyond all else and is something the firm will continue to reflect every day.


John Cahill Managing Partner

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