Stuart Dench has been appointed as the Managing Partner Elect and will succeed John Cahill on 1 August 2022 following a six month transition period.

Stuart is a senior partner at the firm and has been the head of marketing and business development for the last 20 years. He is a member of the management team that has overseen rapid and sustained growth as the firm has established itself as a leading litigation law firm.

The appointment was made following a comprehensive process including the appointment of an internal transition committee, as required by the firm’s succession blueprint, a detailed performance review and a vote of the partners. Stuart’s appointment had the unanimous support of the firm’s equity partners.


John Cahill commented:

“I’m delighted that Stuart has been appointed as the next managing partner. Stuart’s impact as a leader of partners has been demonstrated over many years. He has an unwavering commitment to the success of the firm, a deep knowledge of each of the practice areas and the vision and drive to take the firm forward and to reflect its values. We are fortunate to have such a candidate.”


Stuart Dench commented:

“John is the architect of Stewarts. When he became managing partner we had revenue of £3 million and seven partners. This year revenue is expected to hit the £100 million target set by John three years ago. John is an excellent strategist with the decision to focus on litigation being the most significant as it shaped the direction and success of the firm.

“I will begin my tenure as managing partner with a determination to build upon the platform and the legacy left by John.

“We have a wealth of talent in the firm and it is important that we look forward and create an exciting new chapter in our history and continue to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.”



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