Head of International Arbitration and India Practice Sherina Petit is co-editor of a new Special Report by Globe Law and Business, demystifying funding in international arbitration. Offering practical guidance from leading specialists, Funding International Arbitration is an accessible guide providing insight and strategies from funders, brokers and practitioners.

Co-edited by Sherina and Nosherwan Vakil, dispute resolution lawyer at The 36 Group, Funding International Arbitration acts as an essential guide to navigating funding in international arbitration. The new Special Report provides the latest information on funding options, market regulation, legal barriers to funding, disclosure of information, costs management, the role of funders, enforcement mechanisms and dispute avoidance strategies.

Sherina comments: “I am pleased to act as co-editor of this publication, which looks to be the leading guide to third party funding in the international arbitration space. The project has brought together so many leaders in the field and is full of their insight and knowledge.”

Nosherwan Vakil comments: “I am delighted to see this publication launched. This new title produces a readable but authoritative work, introducing the reader to third party funding in cross border arbitration. May the book inspire readers to explore this evolving topic and enjoy its fascinating, practical, and academic issues”.


Demystifying international arbitration funding

Written by eminent funders, brokers and practitioners, most of whom deal with third-party funding on a day-to-day basis, the report provides step-by-step guidance on:

  • how to demystify each stage of the process from initial assessment to final resolution;
  • the steps involved in considering, advising on and structuring funding;
  • the proven strategies on approaching funders and maximising your chances of success;
  • how to manage the ongoing relationships with the third parties involved in the funding lifetime, including around settlement; and
  • understanding the critical importance of accuracy and careful planning throughout the process.

More information about the book is available on the Globe Law and Business website.

Globe Law and Business was established in 2005 to create legal books that are sufficiently high level to be of real use to the experienced professional, yet still accessible and easy to navigate. Most authors are drawn from Magic Circle and other top commercial firms, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.


About the editors

Sherina Petit specialises in international commercial arbitration, investor-state arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolutions (ADR). In addition to acting as counsel in arbitrations, she also sits as an arbitrator. Sherina has a wide range of experience in all key aspects of international arbitration, including a focus on India-related disputes. Her global client base spans a broad range of industries. Sherina is ranked in the Legal Business Arbitration Power List and as a Global Leader in the Who’s Who Legal.

Nosherwan has been practising as a dispute resolution lawyer for over 15 years in India. He is also a barrister, England and Wales. He acts as counsel before various courts in India, including the Supreme Court, High Courts and Tribunals. Nosherwan’s practice focuses on commercial disputes in international arbitrations and in Indian courts. He is a door tenant with a leading English chamber, The 36 Group, in London, consisting of international barristers, mediators and arbitrators.


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