We have unrivalled experience in putting together innovative costs arrangements. Our use of risk-sharing fee agreements, litigation funding and after-the-event insurance enables our clients to manage risk and litigate from a position of financial strength.

We have offered conditional fee agreements (“CFA”), accompanied by after the event insurance (“ATE”), since they were first introduced in 1996. We were also early adopters of contingency fee agreements and then damages-based agreements (“DBA”) from 2013, when legal regulations extended their use to all civil proceedings in  England and Wales.

Alternative fee arrangements between law firms and their clients used to be limited to scenarios where clients did not have the money to litigate or had problems with cashflow. That is no longer the case.

We have now acted in more than 2,000 disputes for nearly 4,500 clients and have recovered well in excess of £2bn in damages using alternative funding arrangements of one or more forms. 

Our clients are increasingly aware of the potential benefits of contingency and conditional fee agreements as part of a strategic and commercial approach to managing disputes. Through the provision of substantial investment in our client’s cases, we create correlation of risk.  If external funds are required, we have a strong track-record of securing competitive terms for our clients from litigation funders.

To protect our commercial clients from the risk of adverse costs we have Stewarts Litigate, a groundbreaking and market-leading ATE insurance facility. As a result, our clients are able to litigate from a position of strength and confidence.

Stewarts Litigate

A groundbreaking after the event (ATE) insurance facility for our commercial disputes clients.

Stewarts Litigate provides our commercial disputes clients with rapid access to comprehensive ATE insurance at pre-agreed market leading rates. 

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Stewarts Litigate ATE insurance facility

If you have any queries about costs and the funding of your case, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to provide bespoke advice.