A groundbreaking after the event (ATE) insurance facility for our commercial clients.

Stewarts Litigate is a unique facility to rapidly provide Stewarts’ commercial disputes clients with market-leading policy wording to reduce the risk of litigation costs.

Stewarts has launched a groundbreaking after the event (ATE) insurance facility with Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited. The facility, designed to work alongside Stewarts’ alternative funding agreements, provides a solution that balances the risk, cost and impact of commercial disputes and enables our clients to litigate, arbitrate or negotiate their disputes from a position of financial strength.

The facility benefits include:

  • Rapid process to incept high level indemnities of up to £4m in 3 business days and up to £18m within 10 business days at pre-agreed market leading rates: giving more certainty when structuring case finance.
  • Insurers: underwritten by a panel of A / A- rated insurers reducing the scope for conflict or aggregation issues.
  • Low cost at inception: paid premiums are lower than typical ATE market premiums.
  • Market-leading policy wording: wide-ranging cover to clients for disbursements (e.g. clients’ barristers’ and experts’ fees) and opponents’ costs.
  • Deferred and contingent: the majority of the premium is only payable from proceeds actually recovered if and when the case is won and is at a pre-agreed market-leading rate.
  • Confidentiality: insurer conflict checking is completed within 1 business day, prior to sending client confidential documents to the insurers via a secure file sharing portal and subject to a robust NDA.
  • International clients: leveraging Gallagher’s global reach to ensure permitted arrangements are available for Stewarts’ clients domiciled in UK, EU, most US states, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Channel Islands, Cayman, Gibraltar, BVI and Bermuda.
  • International cases: policies are available for Stewarts’ cases in a wide range of jurisdictions and International Arbitration centres.
  • Variety of complex commercial disputes: this facility covers most disputes undertaken by Stewarts commercial disputes practice areas including commercial litigation, competition, fraud, insolvency and asset recovery, international arbitration, securities, trust and probate.
  • Market knowledge: policies accessed through Lloyd’s of London insurance broker Arthur J. Gallagher, a $28 billion market capitalized company and the only insurance broker included in the Ethisphere 2020 list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. The Gallagher Dispute Resolution Practice has been recognised as Band One in Chambers.


This communication has been authorised by Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited for the purpose of s21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000


If you have any queries about Stewarts Litigate, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to provide bespoke advice.

Stewarts launches after the event (ATE) insurance facility for commercial disputes clients

Stewarts has launched a ground-breaking after the event (ATE) insurance facility with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited. ‘Stewarts Litigate‘ is designed to work alongside our alternative funding agreements. The facility provides our commercial disputes clients with rapid access to comprehensive ATE insurance at pre-agreed market leading rates. The facility can provide coverage of up to £4 million in three business days and up to £18 million within ten business days.

Stewarts Litigate - ATE facility