Our Commercial Litigation department has launched the Stewarts Commercial Litigation Podcast series, with episode one now available on Spotify, Apple and other platforms.

These podcasts will offer guidance and updates both for litigation practitioners and for individuals and companies looking to avoid and manage litigation proceedings. In each upcoming episode, Legal Directors and podcast co-hosts Francesca Berry and Karen Hutchinson will speak to subject experts within the Stewarts team.

Each podcast will address the latest issues and legal changes within the topic in question, considering both the most likely routes for a claimant to bring a dispute and what steps a potential defendant could take to avoid costly litigation. Upcoming episodes will address ESG disputes, Covid-19 loan fraud and recovery, Quincecare claims and group litigation claims among other topics.

In the first episode of the podcast, the department’s founder Clive Zietman provides an introduction to its history and the types of work covered under the Commercial Litigation umbrella. He also gives his thoughts on the themes and issues that will shape the disputes landscape in England and Wales in the coming years.


How to listen

Every episode of the Stewarts Commercial Litigation Podcast will be available on our website and social media channels, as well as Spotify, Apple, Amazon/Audible, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Deezer.

Please click on the link for your preferred platform and subscribe to the podcast for future episode updates.

Episode 1 – Introduction

Clive Zietman joined Stewarts in 2009 to establish its Commercial Litigation practice, since which the firm’s work has diversified significantly. He explains Stewarts’ conflict-free approach and the range of specialisms both within the department itself and in others linked to commercial disputes work including Employment and Tax Litigation and Resolution.

The diversity of the work done by the team, which features specialists in areas including fraud, securities, professional negligence and technology disputes, will shape the varied content of upcoming episodes of the podcast series.

Karen and Francesca speak to Clive about topics including:

  • The evolving nature of the types of disputes which Stewarts has seen and been involved in over the past decade and a half
  • Predictions for trends in the commercial disputes landscape
  • Alternative funding arrangements, including those which the firm can offer
  • Recent growth in ESG litigation
  • Other trends including cryptocurrency, shareholder disputes and group litigation



You can find further information regarding our expertise, experience and team on our Commercial Litigation pages.

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