In the first of a two-part series on brain haemorrhage treatment following Stroke Awareness Month in May, Clinical Negligence senior associate Nadia Krueger-Young speaks to Fiona from the Natalie Kate Moss Trust about the importance of research into haemorrhagic stroke and support for the individuals and their families affected by it.

Each year sees an average of 4.6 million cases of haemorrhagic stroke worldwide, of which three million patients will die. Only three out of five people who experience a haemorrhagic stroke will survive longer than one month.

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust works to prevent brain haemorrhages from happening and funds groundbreaking research at The University of Manchester to treat them when they do. In this episode of Soundbites, Fiona will explain the Trust’s goals and achievements to date.

This session also covers the importance of helping people understand how to regulate their blood pressure, and why this is an issue that everyone should be mindful of; and introduce the growing community of professionals who are working towards making a material change on statistics around haemorrhage survival and improving survivors’ outcomes. We hope you can join us.


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Speaker bio – Fiona Moss, Director of the Natalie Kate Moss Trust


Fiona Moss is the Director of the Natalie Kate Moss Trust, and Natalie’s sister. The Trust was set up in 2012 by the Moss family following Natalie’s sudden death at the age of 26 after an unexpected brain haemorrhage.

Focusing on turning this tragedy into something positive, the family and the Trust’s mission is to empower more people to understand how to prevent lifestyle related brain haemorrhages from occurring, whilst generating funds to support groundbreaking research to treat them when they do.



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