Stewarts is supporting FEAST! this festive season. The Stewarts Foundation has supported FEAST! since 2017, and this year we are also supporting them through our traditional Christmas donation.

FEAST! provides access to regular, delicious and nutritious meals for people suffering food poverty, using ‘waste’ ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Their goal is to prevent malnutrition, minimise food waste, and encourage community cohesion.

The charity collects surplus food from North London retailers on a weekly basis, taking it to community kitchens to cook three-course meals for homeless adults.

Volunteers socialise and prepare meals with homeless adults from all walks of life. The intimate setting of a communal kitchen creates a family atmosphere and togetherness that is hard to replicate in other services offering meal provision. Volunteers and service-users are encouraged to befriend one another, share the space as equals, and dine together as equals.


Clive Zietman, who backed FEAST! for support from the Stewarts Foundation, commented:

“I first put FEAST! forward for a grant from the Stewarts Foundation in 2017, as I was really impressed with the concept of what they were trying to do. They are more than just a soup kitchen, providing a community space for those who are socially isolated, and creating a mutually beneficial relationship for residents and volunteers. Since then, the Foundation has donated £45,000 to the charity to help them employ some part-time staff to ensure operations are managed effectively and consistently. They’re a small, community-run charity that makes a real impact, and I am pleased that our charitable foundation is able to make a difference to their work.”


Hannah Style, a dietician and Founder of FEAST! commented:

“Thank you, Stewarts. We are enormously grateful for your continued support here at FEAST! Back in 2017, you enabled us to open our second ever weekly FEAST! at a women’s hostel, and in 2018 we opened our third site. Excitingly this coming year, with your support, we will be opening our fourth and fifth FEAST!s. We are truly privileged and delighted to be in this position, and it really is thanks to you enabling us to provide nutritious meals for homeless adults. Wishing everyone a lovely FEAST!ive period.”


Weekly ‘FEAST!s’ are currently held in Islington, Kilburn and Camden. For more information, please see the FEAST! website.




Since our inception in 1990, Stewarts have been actively involved in supporting a variety of charities. The Stewarts Foundation was set up in 2010 to formalise and manage the firm’s charitable giving. To date, the Foundation has donated over £5.3m to over 180 charities. You can find out more about The Stewarts Foundation here.


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