Supporting the work of our Inclusion Committee, our focus groups promote the firm’s equality, diversity and inclusion policies and support our staff.

We are committed to providing a workplace which embraces diversity, encourages innovation and opportunity for all, adding value and contributing to the success of the firm and the wellbeing of all who work here, taking account of the demographics of our communities and wider client base, and ensuring best practice and compliance with legislation.

The Inclusion Committee at Stewarts is responsible for driving the firm’s over-arching diversity and inclusion strategy, supported by our four D&I focus groups.

Gender, Parenting and Carers

The firm’s Gender, Parenting and Carers focus group aims to help promote equality and inclusion for women and working families at Stewarts. The group aims to do so by providing information and advice on parenting and caring issues that impact our staff, and by promoting women’s issues around the firm to help promote equality. The group also aims to engage with external associations who can provide knowledge about best practice in these areas.

Recent activity includes running a series of parenting coffees in our London and Leeds offices, each targeted at parents with children of a specific age group; and content circulated internally promoting Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Ethnicity, Religion and Culture

The Ethnicity, Religion and Culture focus group aims to promote equality, inclusion and awareness for those of diverse cultural, religious and under-represented ethnic backgrounds. Running various initiatives, the focus group is committed to encouraging and supporting current and prospective talent from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Recent activity includes organising a Black History Month quiz event including food and performance art; and a podcast with psychotherapist Nathaniel Oke PgDip.


The group is committed to providing confidential support and education for all employees with any LGBTQ+ questions, queries or issues. The key focus of the group is to increase LGBTQ+ visibility, promote inclusion and increase awareness for the issues faced by the community. With the Committee and HR, the group works to make Stewarts policies and procedures more inclusive and welcomes any suggestions from staff in that regard. The group is committed to providing confidential support and education for all employees with any LGBTQ+ questions, queries or issues.

Recent activity includes a series of events and content in celebration of Pride, including a talk delivered by Paralympic champion Lauren Rowles MBE and an internal-only episode of Stewarts Soundbites.

Disability and Social Mobility

It is only by considering the unequal structures that govern and pervade our institutions that change can take place. The firm’s Disability and Social Mobility Focus group believe that every person should be encouraged and given the tools to achieve their potential – regardless of background or disability. The group’s core aims include promoting and encouraging awareness of disability and social mobility within the firm; inspiring and training the new lawyers of the future; and considering the intersections between Disability, Social Mobility and other diversity and inclusion issues.

Recent activity includes involvement in organising work experience in our offices in co-ordination with the Social Mobility Foundation.