We aim to create an inclusive culture that respects people’s differences and gives everyone a chance to excel at what they do.

Our goal is to be an inclusive firm, in which everyone feels that they belong and where diversity is valued. We are committed to creating a truly meritocratic environment and will devote resources to ensure equality of opportunity throughout the firm.

The pillars of our strategy include:

  • Data and technology: using these tools to track progress and take action.
  • Attraction and recruitment: creating opportunity through our recruitment process at every level of our business, attracting candidates with an inclusive approach.
  • Retention and representation: creating opportunity for our people, including through cross-firm collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Employee engagement: creating a sense of belonging, using innovation and a health and wellbeing programme to enhance the employee experience.
  • Development: ensuring equal opportunities for all with clear pathways and progression, offering education and allyship for all our people.
  • Brand and communication: communicating what we do to all, authentically reflecting a range of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Policies: delivering actions and supporting our people.