Where you are unable to agree issues relating to your children’s schooling, our Children Team will use its vast experience to work with you to try to negotiate or mediate the best outcome for your children. Where an agreement is not possible, our Children Team will advise you on the merits of an application to court and guide you through the court process. Depending upon the age of your children, their wishes and feelings concerning the choice of school may be relevant to the court’s analysis. Our Children Team will give priority at all times to the welfare of your children. Our Children Team has extensive experience in applications relating to schooling, including the choice of school and disputes about whether children should board.

Our Children Team also works with clients who have made and responded to schooling applications in relation to children with special educational needs. Our Children Team has access to a network of child-centred professionals in this area, including independent education consultants who will meet children and parents to report on which schools would best meet a child’s social, educational and other needs.



In many circumstances, those with parental responsibility for children (most typically parents) cannot take their children out of the jurisdiction of England and Wales without the consent of all others with parental responsibility (typically the other parent). Our Children Team regularly deals with disputes between separated parents in relation to holiday and other travel plans for their children.

We have extensive expertise in advising clients seeking to take their children abroad and those looking to prevent the other parent from doing so. We are well placed to advise clients on the merits of their position and how best to work with the other parent towards reaching an agreement. Failing this, we can advise on how to navigate the court system to achieve the best outcome for their children. Applications of this nature are often made urgently with limited time, and our Children Team can work quickly and efficiently to prepare and put forward your case.

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In an article in The Times, head of department Stephen Foster is “praised for leading Stewarts’ phalanx of family lawyers to the top of the pack”.

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