What is professional negligence?

Professional negligence occurs when a professional fails to perform their services to the required standard and this failure causes a loss. An example would be a solicitor missing an important deadline, failing to properly consider an important international law issue or failing to advise properly on a settlement offer.


Our experience in the International Injuries sector

Our International Injuries team has unrivalled experience in investigating accidents and pursuing serious injury claims around the world. We are a leading law firm in the UK for international injury claims, ranked No 1 in the UK by the legal directories.


Why you need a specialist International Injuries lawyer

By their very nature, international injury claims are technically complex and often require an understanding of laws in different countries. International injury solicitors may need to identify claims and parties against whom claims can be brought in different countries around the world and what laws apply to those claims. They may need to understand different laws and timing rules as they apply to different parties.  This is necessary  to obtain the highest settlements for clients taking into account their legal rights in different jurisdictions.

The UK’s departure from the European Union brings added complexity to international injury cases. When the Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020, there was a major change in the rules on jurisdiction that UK based clients could rely on when bringing a claim for damages following an accident in the EU or involving an EU based defendant.

Sadly aspects of this is often overlooked by advisors who may specialise in domestic injury claims, but who do not have significant experience in international claims.  This can lead to missed deadlines and under-settlement of claims. It is of particular importance to the clients who we exclusively act for, those with life-changing injuries and bereaved families.  For these clients, who may be reliant on the compensation for their future financial well-being, any misunderstanding of the international issues by non-specialist advisors could have a huge impact. They really require the dual expertise of an international claim specialist who also specialises in serious injury claims.

Stewarts are the only firm in the UK who have a highly experienced team who exclusively specialise in claims that are both international and involving life changing injuries. We frequently take over the conduct of ongoing claims for clients who became concerned that their previous advisors lack the skills, expertise or time to get them the best possible outcome.  This includes taking over conduct of cases where a legal representative has missed the opportunity to bring proceedings in the UK courts before Brexit. Occasionally the barristers, medical experts or healthcare professional will suggest to the client a change of solicitor to Stewarts. For clients considering a change of solicitors we would generally advise that the sooner that happens the more scope there is for us to help change the direction of the case and shape the outcome.

We also have the expertise and the knowledge to advise on the merits of a professional negligence claim and resolve those claims through negotiation, mediation or litigation.


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If you are concerned about the expertise of your current advisors, the advice you are receiving or think you may have suffered a loss as a result of professional negligence in an international claim for serious injuries or bereavement, please contact our International Injuries team.  We are always happy to have an initial conversation or meeting without charge and without any obligation.


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Our team has unrivalled experience in dealing with international injury claims.

We are ranked No.1 in the UK by Chambers and The Legal 500 and are one of the top five firms worldwide for International Injuries accident litigation.

Scott Rigby, Partner, International Injury, Stewarts