Joseph Lappin has contributed to a Lexis Nexis article about the gender pay gap reporting requirements and how they are a ‘driver for change’.

There was a 4 April 2018 deadline for all companies to publish their gender pay gap. A lot has been said about the effectiveness of these requirements. Joseph commented:

“A large gender pay gap does not necessarily point to an equal pay problem because the figures do not focus on differences in gender pay for comparable jobs.

“However, never before has the issue of gender pay been reported as extensively in the media as it has been in the last few weeks.

“Therefore, in a sense, the reporting regime has achieved one of its key objectives. Never before have companies in the private sector invested so much time in considering the issue of gender pay.”

Read the full article – Gender pay gap reporting – a ‘seminal moment’ and a ‘driver for change’, by Lexis Nexis.



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