In Episode 5 of Season Two of the Stewarts Divorce and Family Podcast, we take an initial look at the financial claims available in respect of a child when the parents are unmarried. Schedule 1 is a section of the Children Act which gives the court power to make orders for financial provision for the benefit of children.

Host Jenny Bowden is joined by for this new episode by partner Carly Kinch and associate Lewis Powers.

Questions answered in this episode include:

  • Is the financial provision available through a Schedule 1 application the same as that available through divorce?
  • Can lump sum payments be used to equalise assets, and can orders be made to cover retrospective payments?
  • How are housing and maintenance claims handled under Schedule 1?
  • How does a client obtain an order under Schedule 1?
  • What options are available if the parties do not agree and cannot progress matters amicably?


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Season One of the podcast is now available to listen to in full, and covers topics including finances in a separation, what to expect in court, common mistakes that can be avoided and co-parenting after a separation.

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Our team also discusses the introduction of no-fault divorce in a special episode, discussing the significant changes to divorce in 2022 and why these changes matter to separating couples.



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