Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell has been selected as the second recipient of the Stewarts Scholarship Bursary. Currently a first-year student at Royal Academy Schools, she will receive financial support from The Stewarts Foundation throughout her studies.

Although studying at RA Schools is free, the cost of living in London and costs associated with making work are not fully covered by the Royal Academy. The additional support made available through the Stewarts Foundation will provide Maya with greater freedom to explore their creativity without financial constraints.

Stewarts also partners with the Royal Academy of Arts to sponsor the RA Schools Show, the acclaimed exhibition that marks the culmination of the three year postgraduate programme. Maya’s work will be displayed at the 2026 Schools Show.


Maya’s work

Maya completed a BA (Hons) Photography at London College of Communication and was selected for Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries. She had her first solo show Folklore Imaginary at 87 Gallery in 2022 and is an Artiq selected artist.

She says of her work: “Drawing upon national, archaic and autobiographical forms of myth-making, with a specific focus on excavating intergenerational narratives and collective memory – I engage in dialogue with the psychological dimension of existing within fluid and precarious power structures, refusing and escaping static or reductive states of being imposed upon the racialised body.”

“With a specific focus on ancient traditions of masquerade, mask-making and ritual-based ceremonies that are practised within Britain, Nepal and the Caribbean, my practice engages with these forms of collectivism through object and image-based work that creates space to explore the complex multiplicities within transcultural identity.”


More of Maya’s work is available to view on her website.


Stewarts and the Royal Academy

Previous scholarship recipient Rachel Hobkirk graduated in 2023. She said of the Stewarts Foundation’s support: “I’d like to thank Stewarts for continuing to generously support me whilst I study at the RA Schools. It is incredibly important that artists receive financial support during these crucial, early years. Without it, the sense of financial burden many artists face can lead them to eventually stop making work, which is why the bursary support provided by the RA Schools through their donors is so vital.”

Stewarts also supports the RA Schools Show, an annual exhibition held in celebration of the latest class of students completing the three-year postgraduate programme. As part of this, lawyers and staff from the firm select and award the Stewarts Prize, which comes with a financial component to help the artist establish their career after three years of study.

In 2023, the Stewarts Prize was award to Max Boyla. Managing Partner Stuart Dench said: “We are delighted to announce Max Boyla as the winner of the Stewarts Prize. Max’s work inspired by the cosmos impressed the group in many ways. The dream-like qualities of the canvases, aligned with the ceramic sculptures and use of neon lights in the installation created a rounded experience that really excited the group.”


The Stewarts Foundation

The Foundation was set up in 2010 to formalise and manage the firm’s charitable giving with a vision to:

  • Create opportunities for the disadvantaged in our society
  • Treat people less fortunate than ourselves with compassion and respect
  • Make a substantial social impact

Each year the Stewarts Foundation supports a small number of charities carefully selected by its trustees through its grant-giving programme.


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