In this episode, Partner Warren Maxwell spoke with Laura Bochkoltz, specialist physiotherapist and CPR Part 35 expert, on the benefits of warm water therapy for spinally cord injured patients. The session covered;

  • the different types of warm water therapies that are available;
  • the benefits of warm water therapies;
  • what issues experts consider when assessing a claimant’s aqua therapy needs; and
  • what evidence can be gathered by members of rehab MDTs to achieve the best outcome for their client and to assist the expert in forming a sound opinion.

See the recording below:



About the guest speaker – Laura Bochkoltz

Laura Bochkoltz - Chartered Physiotherapist

Laura Bochkoltz is a Chartered Physiotherapist with more than 25 years’ experience in spinal cord injuries. Her specialist role in the NHS and the private sector gives her a broad clinical experience in the long-term problems and needs of the individual with a spinal cord injury.

She has been an expert witness since 1999 recommending modalities such as aquatic therapy, functional electrical stimulation (FES) and exoskeleton.

In 2015 she was part of an Active Rehab programme leading a team of personal trainers providing long term fitness programmes for individuals with a spinal cord injury.

Currently, in the private sector, Laura works as a highly specialist physiotherapist at the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital. Working in the private sector has allowed her to broaden her assessment and treatment skills; using cutting edge technology she is able to provide her clients with the best available options to maximize their potential and independence.

Laura is also currently an independent assessor for a stem cell trial for people with spinal cord injury.

She is a member of several clinical interest groups including the Association of Chartered Physiotherapist In Neurology (ACPIN) and the Multidisciplinary Association of Spinal Cord Injury Association (MASCIP) to support her clinical skills and keep up to date with best practice.



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