The Stewarts Foundation is proud to announce its support of the Dr Ateh Jewel Foundation, helping to fund Oxford university places for Black and mixed heritage British students from low income families.

The Dr Ateh Jewel Award will support three students from low income families each year through their first academic year at Oxford. Students will be empowered to use funds at their own discretion giving them the flexibility to create the perfect environment to thrive during their first year at Oxford.

The Award will be open to first-degree UK-resident undergraduate offer holders on any course of study. One-off payments will be made to three students at the beginning of Michaelmas term of their first year, launching in the 2022-2023 academic year, and initially over a three-year period.

Dr Ateh Jewel is an award-winning journalist and diversity advocate, and has established this Award to offer targeted support to gifted students from low income families. It will ensure these bright and exceptional students can achieve their very best without the financial worries which may otherwise shift their focus.

The Dr Ateh Jewel Education Foundation is working with the University of Oxford before expanding the programme to encompass other universities.

Dr Ateh Jewel says:

“I’m so thrilled and honoured that Stewarts Foundation has generously donated to my Dr Ateh Jewel Education Foundation which has been used to help Black and mixed heritage students across different subjects at Oxford University. Post BLM (Black Lives Matter) I really believe investing in education and making sure the future CEOs, Board members and Law Partners are as diverse as possible is how we create a truly equal and inclusive world. A huge thank you to Debbie Chism and the Stewarts Foundation for helping shape a better future because diversity is a win win for everyone”.

Debbie Chism, Co-Chair of the Inclusion Committee at Stewarts and a Trustee of The Stewarts Foundation says:

“The Stewarts Foundation is proud to support and champion the work of Dr Jewel’s Foundation which is an important initiative in the effort to drive meaningful change for students from Black and mixed heritage backgrounds. The Stewarts Foundation wishes the students every success in their careers and looks forward to following their development.”

The Stewarts Foundation was set up in 2010 to formalise and manage the firm’s charitable giving. The Foundation’s vision is to:

  • Create opportunities for the disadvantaged in our society
  • Treat people less fortunate than ourselves with compassion and respect
  • Make a substantial social impact
  • The Foundation supports a small number of charities carefully selected by its Trustees through its grant-giving programme.



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