Our clients are major corporates, and we tailor our approach to their individual needs. We measure our success both by the results we achieve and by client satisfaction. We are instructed repeatedly by corporates that have been affected by more than one cartel; we consider this a key indicator of our success.

Competition infringements can last many years and impact huge volumes of commerce, causing significant losses. Our approach maximises recoveries for our clients, through litigation if necessary. We are experienced in managing relationship issues between our corporate clients and infringers who may be important suppliers.

Defendants frequently take a scorched earth approach to defence. Even where they cannot prevail on liability, owing to regulatory findings of infringement, defendants will exploit opportunities to frustrate progress to trial, signalling to other would-be claimants that recoveries will be resisted. Our expertise in competition litigation gives our clients an advantage: we know the traps and techniques used by defendants. We structure claims carefully to avoid handing defendants opportunities to delay. By expediting progress to trial we maximise settlement pressure, leading to high-value recoveries.

Competition claims are often asserted years after the underlying conduct, and claimants often have imperfect data. The broad approach of English disclosure can significantly assist but our specialist team, supported by our in-house economist, is experienced in resolving data gaps even prior to disclosure.

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Meet the Competition Litigation team

Our team has cutting-edge expertise in the rapidly developing field of cartel damages litigation.

Our clients include FTSE 100, FTSE 250 companies and global corporations.

Kate Pollock, Partner, Co-Head of Competition Litigation, Stewarts