The RA Schools Show 2022 is now open to visit and Stewarts has selected the annual prize by committee this year.

2022 marks the beginning of a three-year partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts to sponsor the acclaimed RA Schools Show – the exhibition that marks the culmination of the three-year postgraduate programme.

As part of this show, the firm also selects and awards the Stewarts Prize. The winner will receive prize money to help establish their career after three years of study on the RA Schools programme

On Wednesday 15 June, a group of seven art enthusiasts made up of partners and staff visited the Royal Academy of Arts to view the exhibition before it opens to the public to select the prize winner for 2022.


Stuart Dench, Managing Partner Elect said:


“We are delighted to select Pascal Sender as the winner. Our group were incredibly impressed by Pascal’s work which used innovative techniques to go beyond the visually familiar, combining a unique combination of media and materials. The work of all 15 artists was thought provoking and visually striking making it an incredibly difficult decision to choose a winner.

“My thanks to our group of art enthusiasts – Julie Price, Katherine Fitter, Shammi Ruprah, Mary Read, Jake Avdiyovski, Virginia Jones and Sam Maher”.

“We look forward to exhibiting Pascal’s work in September in our offices and welcoming our clients to a viewing of the schools show on 30 June.”


Pascal’s work has an interactive element to it, and can be viewed in full at the RA Schools Show. More information on his work can be found here.


The RA Schools Show will be open Tuesday – Sunday, 10.00 – 18.00 from 17 June to 3 July 2022, no pre-booking required. Click here for more information about visiting the show.



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